Farmers’ Feed to launch with festival at St Kilda Veg Out

Farmers’ Feed was born out of a passion for fresh food, healthy seasonal eating, the experience of shopping at Farmers’ Markets and an ever present need to support local Australian businesses, producers and growers. 

This years event that will run for the month of August, kicking off on the weekend of the 6th August 2016 with a festival day at St Kilda Veg Out Farmers’ Market. There will be a guest chef appearance by Ian Curly and heaps of delicious food of course! It’s on from 8:30am until 1pm at Peanut Farm Reserve, just behind Acland Street in St kilda.

Being a full month enables you to get to your market and participate no matter which weekend your local market falls on. For example, you could choose the third week in August and shop at Gasworks Farmers’ Market in Albert Park on Saturday 20th, and eat for that entire following week from what you buy!

How the project works and how you can take part

It’s simple, we want you to buy and live solely from the produce bought at your local Farmers’ Market for one week in August. It’s an opportunity to truly experience the diversity of produce available at these amazing markets and experience the ‘real’ taste of fresh produce.

“by shopping locally at Farmer’s Markets you are being ‘fed’ by the farmers and are essentially ‘feeding’ them back”

By participating everyone of you will help our local growers, get to experience the huge benefits of eating fresh seasonal produce and get to avoid those tiresome visits to supermarket giants such as Coles and Woolies and produce that could have enjoyed a 6 month journey before it reached you.

Join as a group, an individual, a community. Perhaps organise a communal ‘pot-luck’ dinner during the week to make it easy to cook and get others involved. It means a heap load of fun and plenty of excuses for group participation, dinner parties and eating and cooking delicious seasonal food – it’s about growing even greater awareness and appreciation for this vital industry.


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  1. Hi Debbie

    I just read your article in the Weekly Times. Here at Get Farmed! we share the passion. We produce a breakfast and snack range which contains 100% Australian ingredients. Our passion is to support Australian farmers and farming communities. Our range is the only one currently available using 100% Australian ingredients. Very sad, but true! Would love to make further contact with you.
    Kind regards
    Lynne Skene

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